Results of
Auction of Horrors IV : Sunday 6th April 2014

Our forth Auction of Horrors... another great auction selling the weird and macabre.

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3 Prop Gravestones



Dr Haze's Freak Show Signboard
only a handful of these signs were made for the appearance of Doktor Haze's Freak Show at the Great Dorset Steam Fair in 2013



Fabulous Victorian Monumental Masons Gravestone Advertisement
in oak frame. Pick your grave!



Royal Chinese Mummies Mask
of Jade colour mosaic stones



Prison Cell Cleaning Brush
stamped with prison details Wandworth 1939



Poacher's Stick



Sideshow Gaff : Mummified Cat
highly detailed realistic model of a mummified cat made with real cat fur. Genuine cats are often found hidden in the walls of 16th & 17th Centruy buildings during renovations, where they were walled up alive so that when they died their spirits were captured in the fabric of the building in order to protect the inhabitants against Witches. If later uncovered during building works etc., it is said they must be removed and hung up on the wall in order not to break the protective powers. Original mummified cats can be seen today in many historic houses and pubs - and genuine ones command high prices when sold.



Electro Massage Unit



Wasp Boy's Bottle Opener
Wasp Boy has nailed this bottle opener into his face many times during his time with the Circus of Horrors. Presented in a framed display with photograph of Wasp Boy hammering it into his face.

He'll be at the Auction of Horrors to personally authenticate, pose for a photo and sign the bottle opener if lucky buyer so wishes.



Candle Lamp



Albino Blackbird on Skull



Circus of Horrors at Edinburgh Festival Signboard
only a handful of these signs were made for the appearance of the Asylum tour at Edinburgh Festival



Guillotined Witches Head in Basket
great gory prop



Old Tribal Carved Wooden Elephant Mask



Elephant Oil Lamp Burner
made of brass with hanging chain



Victorian Elephant's Foot
real Elephant's foot with original metal liner to make it useful as a coal bucket, umbrella stand etc. Fortunately not from one of Sam Lockhart's Elephants who used to live here in the Elephant House (as fas as we know!)



Pigs Head Stage Prop
with detatchable ear and compartment in neck to fill with meat and sauce for truly gory effect!



Dr Haze & X-Factor Stage Backdrop
this unique hand-painted backdrop comes from Dr Haze's days with his rock band, before the Circus of Horrors was born... the rest is history...



Customised Bass Guitar from Circus of Horrors
this fender bass guitar was custom airbrush-painted for the Cirucs of Horrors tour a few years ago. It has been kept at Doktor Haze's house, and remains in very nice condition. Dr Haze (the undead ringmaster) and some of the cast of the Circus will be at the auction to personally autograph the guitar to the lucky buyer.



Head Armour - Circus of Horrors Costume



Skull Mask - Circus of Horrors Costume



Ventriloquist Mask - Adolf the CURSED DEVIL DOLL - Circus of Horrors Costume
this is the mask used when Adolf the Ventriloquist Doll we sold in our April 2013 Auction of Horrors (lot 666) turned into a live performer. Custom sculpted and painted along with the doll especially for the Circus of Horrors.

You can read all about Adolf by checking him out on the Results page.



Rubber Mask - Circus of Horrors Costume



Rubber Mask - Circus of Horrors Costume



Haenel Bolt Action Air Rifle



Prop Rat Impaled on Vintage Pitch Fork
a nice gory prop!



Late Victorian Waxwork Lady
with real human hair and glass eyes. Amazingly lifelike translucent waxwork with a haunting expression. Probably French.



A B C of Ventriloquism Book
by Douglas Craggs. Rare book, 'the bible' on the art of ventriloquism



Hooded Black Velvet Cape - Circus of Horrors Costume



Sequinn 'Bra' - Circus of Horrors Costume
well... barely a bra, barely anything at all... just bare!