Lot 49 : Artist & Model Musical Automaton under Glass Dome
We sold this lot for £1,000 in November 2018

created by Walter Dahler in his Swiss workshop, this unique and exquisite piece was commissioned around 20 years ago by the late Daphne Ladell for her renowned collection. Following Daphne's recent passing, her collection has been sold to discerning collectors worldwide. All of Dahler's pieces are unique creations, beautifully detailed and hand made. A similar commission today would cost around 5000-7000 euros - assuming you could get on the waiting list! The figures in this delightful piece are made of bisque porcelain, inspired and made in the same meticulouos fashion as 19th century originals of Vichy, Lambert etc., which command very high prices today. In operation the artist keenly watches the dancing girl as he paints her picture. The painting he is working on is a real miniature oil painting, such is the outstanding attention to every detail of this automaton. The recently serviced music box play two tunes alternately. A rare opportunity to acquire a Walter Dahler automaton, being a charming fun piece to enjoy and surely a great investment for the future.
Size approx: 17 inches (43.2 cm) Wide  by 18 inches (45.7 cm) High