March 2018 - Latest News...

Whilst not much has been happening physically at the Elephant House for the past few weeks due to recent events, together now with the terrible weather, that doesn't mean that nothing at all has been happening...

Our regular customers know we've been toying with the idea of online bidding for some time, having sought their views on how we can make the best system possible. Well, we now have something to show you! - a short little sneaky peek video of the system in action. See the new page here which will be updated regularly with lots of information as things progress over the coming weeks.

In other news... we hope to be able to announce auction dates for Spring in a week or two's time, once the weather improves.

Thank You!

Hello all!

Thanks to everyone for all your kind messages, good wishes and get well cards. I am now at home recovering - not as quickly as I'd like to! - but recovering nevertheless after an emergency operation to remove a cancer tumour that had stuck to my kidney.

Several times whilst recovering from the effects of over 6 hours of surgery under deep anaesthetic, I imagined I was up on the rostrum in a full auction room, and could see all your faces individually - a lasting memory! After a further five days in the critical care unit, they let me home to continue the recovery process. Steve keeps telling me off as I'm getting impatient now to get back to the Elephant House and sell you all something!

My very best wishes to you all, let's hope 2018 turns into a better year than it has begun.


POSTPONED : Elephant House £1 Clearout - NO RESERVES

POSTPONED. We hope to arrange the new date before end of February - stay tuned!

We'll be clearing the Elephant House of all the stuff that's accumulated over the past 12 months or so - including unsold items that are lingering around, items that have never been collected by buyers / sellers, or just random stuff that came in with other consignments, but didn't really fit into the normal 'theme' of our auctions. Everything goes under the hammer at NO RESERVE - and everything starts at £1!

We've found 148 lots so far, but there's still quite a bit to sort out - so check back soon for updates. To see what's listed so far, have a look here
NOTE: if you spot something of yours listed that you'd rather have back, then get in touch ASAP and come fetch it - otherwise it gets SOLD! - we need the space.

Results of Sunday 26th November : Vintage Amusements

To finish the year off - the UK's biggest auction of Vintage Slot Machines. We also sold lots of Enamel Signs, Fairground Art, and all sorts of other goodies.
Full prices achieved now available on the Results page, with six items making it into our top 100

Results of Sunday 19th November : Barn Clearance

Full prices achieved now available on the Results page.