This week and next, we're trying to clear up all outstanding deliveries etc., doing various runs around the country, as well as shipping stuff out. Due to forthcoming building work to part of the Elephant House (see below) we don't really want to take too much in just yet for future auctions. But keep an eye on this page for updates over the next couple of weeks as things progress and we firm up dates.

Results of Sunday 26th February : Vintage Amusements

Full results are now available on the Results page - with a couple of the items entering our top 100 results.

Next Auction Date?

In the next week or so the scaffolding should go up to start work stripping and replacing the roof on the front half of the Elephant House. Once the builders have had a proper look, we should get an idea of how long it is going to take, and hence when we'll be able to hold the next auction - Health & Safety and all that jazz!

Allowing for Easter getting in the way, general feeling at the moment is that next Auction will likely be towards the end of April. Stay tuned!

Faster Faster Faster!

We've re-written the code that powers the Auction Catalogues and Auction Results pages such that they now load noticeably faster.

The pages have been well tested before going online, but if you do notice any problems (or crashes!) please let us know so we can check the code again.

Glitch fixed: the problem with the item categories menu buttons not working properly on the Auction page is now fixed.

British Treasure, American Gold

Last year Storage Hunter's Jesse McClure came to the Elephant House to try and buy some amazing stuff to send back to his shop in California for his new series British Treasure, American Gold.

The episode featuring us aired 26th October, and featured us for 10 minutes or so. The series got a great reception, and some episodes have already been repeated, so keep an eye out on Quest if you missed it first time around... good interesting series!

Results of Sunday 27th November : 25th Anniversary Vintage Amusements Auction

A pretty phenomenal auction all round: the most machines we've had at the Elephant House in one go, the most buyers registered, the most absentee bids (335!) and the highest turnover. A fitting way to mark 25 years in the business.

Full results are now available on the Results page - with 8 of the items entering our top 100 results, including the Bryan's Quadmatic which takes top position at £6,000.

Results of Sunday October 23rd : Vintage Amusements

Another brilliant day at the Elephant House, lots of new customers snapping up the wonderful selection of goodies on offer... We've sent out all the invoices to absentee bidders now, so if you made a bid then check your emails... if you were unsuccessful this time, please contact us with details to refund your deposit.

Full results are now available on the Results page

Results of Sunday 9th October : The Auction of Horrors VIII

Wow! - another great auction with vast majority of items finding new homes in the UK and overseas.

Full results are now available on the Results page